Beaurepairs in Brighton

10th November 2013

"Beaurepaires, who you turn to for tyres"
Magnus-O have signed a supplier agreement with Beaurepairs, Brighton, Victoria.
Contact Magnus-O, 0416 144 087, for pricing and tyre fitting appointments.
Magnus-O and Beaurepairs will save you money, the best service and of course safe driving.


25th August 2013

Please contact me for more information.
There have also been interests from outside companies to partner up with Magnus-O and we are in current negotiations to move this forward. Stay tuned for new exclusive, member-only events with our Corporate Partners, including Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines


9th April 2013

Melbourne: A new central network designed exclusively for small-medium business executives in Australia and Europe has arrived.

MagnusO's online network harnesses the collective buying power of over 15,000 executives and delivers exclusive deals and discounts on a range of high-quality products and services, including domestic and international travel. MagnusO founder, Magnus Ohlsson, said the network was established to help small to medium sized companies save on their bottom line.

"My philosophy is that we're all in this together," says Magnus. "With the collective bargaining power of the MagnusO network behind us, we're now in the position to negotiate the same savings and discounts that were once enjoyed exclusively by large companies. And that means great deals and real savings."